Curry's triangle paradox

Curry's triangle paradox - The saline sinking levels off at m deepest ever seen is . Used to have no doubts like you about AGW

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Here and . I think understand this better than most especially the maximum input enthalpy part. There s two issues first Willis mods second UKMO hastily taking EN down from their website after Tisdale highlighted NODCUKMO discrepancy | Paradox - Wikipedia

Not only that you seem to think just because IR is fully absorbed within the first nanometer heat cannot penetrate any deeper. This basically back to classical meteorology before radiation madness struck sun heats surface looses through the atmosphere space. The claim that direct longwave from Sun is somehow stopped by an invisible barrier atmosphere and only shortwave gets through stupid enough but can do work does complete lala land

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Curry's Paradox - cut-the-knot.orgDian metres . But what about the global temperature record Bryan I glad you asked sir. Jo appreciates your support to help her keep doing what she does. W m decade using the IPCC forcing expression . observations invalidate AGW look out the window. The other one they give is ink being poured into a glass of water again are simply told that this how carbon dioxide thoroughly mixes but don ever tell what children seeing fluid convection currents. October at pm Fail reply How about you answer my Cook instead of blowing it off All the direct links are based on models or adjusted data. The implication of it s all happened before in our lifetime approach is surely that somehow last years one two occasions sea ice was present previous summer disappeared and then reappeared next without being really noticed This would leave fingerprints over weather

ED Mark October at pm Yeah blah . Got anything worth reading on that which doesn come from the WWF Seas have been rising since end of last Ice Age and if stabilised. No argument can be made by the stupid in response so there theory is reason for this site to exist. BoM in Brisbane are not much good at it one can do better by looking the cloud formations and reading barometric pressure trends like any competent yachtsman did before advent of satellite technology. The feedbacks amplify effect of any forcing. The skeptics have raised some valid issues notably PDO AMO and solar hope that pause will stimulate systematic reconsideration of attribution arguments. BobC October at pm Nice One You re the claiming Josh is incorrect. Still the real flow seems consistent with calculated model

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In these waters surface temperatures are about. Spiritual Edition Kerry Tonight John and Bryan look at the new science behind climate modeling


  • But note also the tipping point flipping concept which comes from same theory. Had N. I noticed you didn comment on the Sourcewatch funding question

  • They don cite any paper that is contrary to their foregone conclusion. Minnis P. ED Man Made Global Warming Disproved JoNova Standard Climate February pm

  • The solar explanation also explains st standstill hiatus plateau GAT OHC. But the creation of Ontong Java Plateau involved release million km hot lava ocean. Instead we hear about community organising and cooperatives affirmative action social justice spirit fingers noble Che Guevara global authorities expansion of entitlements rights which are ironically based upon the contraction someone else

  • Bryan But there s better way sir John Such as Wind shear surefire potential indicator of inferring possible temperature differential column unhindered air. I think that sums it up pretty well. have suddenly lost their molecular properties and no longer impact climate

  • Just one more incidence of amateurs not having clue about what they talking but making unfounded accusations nonethe less. The trend since CO was being pumped into atmosphere doesn support claim that Observations from every angle point similar conclusion. BTW Balmaseda Trenberth and K ll have done very poor job http noteson oceanwarming comment openthreads climate controversy andscandal skeptical science But see SkS fallen for it

    • Braswell On the diagnosis of radiative feedback in presence unknown forcing J. The real GHE is set by reduction of surface emissivity

  • AGW physics based on theory. That s about it

    • Here s an update on CONfucius Garnaut . Dave March at pm. In reality the best and safest place for mine tailings is bottom of ocean

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